Rossview is located at 84 District #5 Road in Concord, New Hampshire

Being at the mercy of Mother Nature,

our operating hours may be subject to change. 
Please call ahead for hours of operation at 603.228.4872

Email us at

The 2013 Christmas Tree Harvest will be remembered as a good one.

It was filled with smiles and holiday cheer. 

THANK YOU to all that shared with us!

Rossview has Balsam Fir and Fraser Fir each year.

We have trees ranging from 8’ tall and under. 

Our trees are pruned in a way that promotes natural growth.

This provides trees of many shapes and sizes. Each tree is priced individually so you know the cost of each tree as you examine it. 

Our prices range from $10.00 but most end up in the $30-$60 range.

*When planing your trip to Rossview Farm please bear in mind that we only accept cash or checks over $10.00.  Being that the farm is an agricultural operation we request  you leave your pets at home when visiting.